While in Cambridge

At peace. Or perhaps an overwhelming passivity of the current state/situation.

The effects of London living have etched a deep hole and resistance in me in experiencing stress or simply caring of what’s happening around. This too shall pass. Constant tiredness is a state of everyday. Yet, my body is begging me to stop – to pause and recharge – by inflicting aching in my head, thighs, fingertips, back, throat and cheeks. A never ending to-do list, walking, walking, walking, hard seating, cold and heat an sun kisses.

Cambridge is a lovely place – with lowkey  gossip, caring colleagues and eager faces to see/to learn/to be.

Being back in the normal – beautiful, clean and peaceful… makes me cringe of going back. Yet, it encourages seeking for better and to not accept less, not to be satisfied by something less.

The desire to love and be loved. To be and to share, and feel and rest…and be OK.


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