Words as signifiers

Ubiquitous – existing or being everywhere at the same time :  constantly encountered :  widespread <a ubiquitous fashion>

Discourse –

  1. 1archaic :  the capacity of orderly thought or procedure :  rationality

  2. 2:  verbal interchange of ideas; especially :  conversation

  3. 3a :  formal and orderly and usually extended expression of thought on a subjectb :  connected speech or writingc :  a linguistic unit (as a conversation or a story) larger than a sentence

  4. 4obsolete :  social familiarity

  5. 5:  a mode of organizing knowledge, ideas, or experience that is rooted in language and its concrete contexts (as history or institutions) <critical discourse>

Ontological – relating to the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being:

“ontological arguments”
Sediment – matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid; dregs.

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