A friend I miss

Describe a friend you really like

•   When and how you first met this friend.
•   What you liked to do together
•   What you had in common.

I would like to tell about a friend I admire. Her name is Kristen. Kristen is a friend I can always rely on, share my joys and sorrows and just have memorable adventures.

Kristen isn’t tall. She has a slightly dark skin and dark black short hair that she uses for her hairstyle experimentations. Her smile is truly beautiful and her eyes spark when she smiles. She is always fashionable and loves wearing flats even if it’s winter.

Kristen is extremely creative. I always keep telling her that if she chooses to change her career, she should go into design. Kristen graduated with a degree in fashion merchandising and this can be witnessed once you enter her apartment. Her apartment is one of the most creative places I have ever been to. She selected fabrics for and sewn all table cloths, bed covers, chair covers and a curtain. She repainted the whole apartment with a combination of white and teal colours. She also repainted the wall in the kitchen, making it suitable for drawing with chalk.

She loves cooking and growing plants. Once she made the ‘Storyline’ girls chicken with caramelised onions. It was beyond words. Delicious! Another time I stayed at hers, she made yummy peach tarts.
Her window sill and balcony is always occupied by pots with mints and basil.

As a person, Kristen might seem a little bit reserved once you meet her the first time. However, once you get to know her, you can discover the depths of her heart and her cheery nature. She loves and cares about every person.

I met Kristen almost five years ago. It was a cold December day and there was something happening on campus when she came. Allison (another fantastic friend), my boss at that time, introduced me to the new recruiter who happened to be Kristen. I remember her sitting next to me during that event, still feeling foreign to the place. Little I knew that in five years time my heart will be crying when she will be leaving.

There are so many things I am grateful to Kristen for. She has always been there for me, encouraging me to pursue my dreams and live life authentically.

I am thankful to her for:

  • Storyline group
  • For allowing me to stay in her apartment probably 5 times or so
  • For picking up her phone and helping me to feel normal during TT
  • For helping out in my printmaking exhibition
  • For inviting me to translate for IBI group a few weeks ago
  • For being an example of a friend I would like to be

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