In prep for IELTS

Describe a toy that you enjoyed playing with when you were a child.

  • what the toy was
  • who gave it to you
  • where you played with it

and explain why this toy was special to you

One of my favourite toys from childhood was, surprise surprise, a barbie!

My mum was away. She travelled in Germany, visiting relatives. On the day of my 4th birthday, she came back and gifted me with a barbie. My heart was full of joy seeing my mum. I don’t know if I cared much for the doll, but I was so excited to see my mum back. The barbie always reminds me of that day.

The doll itself was quite a gift. It was a real barbie – made by Mattel company. At that time, it was very difficult to get such a barbie. The ones available in the shops were plastic, light copies of the Mattel version. None of the girls in my neighbourhood had Mattel barbie.

I named my barbie Karolina. She had blond hair and was wearing a blueish-greenish dress. She didn’t have any shoes or I don’t remember them. If she did, they were lost a long time ago. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter because my sister and I made a lot of things for her.

My sister is very gifted at sewing. She made loads of clothes for my and her barbie (my mum brought a barbie to her as well): blouses, jackets, skirts, coats, dresses, trousers and even knitted sweaters. We created furniture from tea and cookie boxes, painted them, added shelves… We used little scraps of cloth for blankets and carpets. Out of plasticine, we made cups and plates, and tea kettles.

I know that barbies have been criticised a lot. Yet, this barbie reminds me of the day when my mum got back and it invited me to dream and handcraft various things.


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