Language still fascinates me. This morning I came across an unusual way of using the word ‘disease’. It was used as a plural. After googling, I found out that ‘disease’ can, in fact, be used as a plural. In that same article, the authors are comparing American vs British usage of the word ‘quite’. A quick search and this article popped in my search. I’d say rather/pretty/quite entertaining.

This made me think maybe I should actually go into linguistics rather than trying to somehow pursue my old dream of fine arts. (?)

While in China, the language was something that gave me the most trouble and fascinated me the most at the same time. Every language opens up the whole new world. You evaluate situations in a different way and perceive the world through that language imposed culture lens.
Some people say that even a person changes when using another language. I have to say I agree with them. I found it amusing to watch Tautvile (and sometimes Andy) interact in Chinese. She turns into a jolly ordinary person and gestures wildly. I change when I switch languages too. Using Lithuanian, everything seems a little bit more ‘real’ and at the same time more difficult, heavier. Vaida gave a very good description about this – she called Lithuanian reality Eastern Realism. When in English, I feel more confident and, surprisingly, it is even easier to discuss certain subjects than in Lithuanian.


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