Last night I took the TT manual and it brought me back to the people, places, experiences, shock, joy, conversations, stress – in Renata’s words to the time of ‘living a lot’.

Then my mind wondered to China, and I realised why I needed to go there. Before going to China, I was growing more and more discontent with my life. So many mornings I walked to work thinking ‘if there was more to life than this’. I loved the people but I felt that my soul was dying – the repetitiveness, mundane tasks, sunless-windowless space combined with the lack of privacy, lack of challenge, being underpaid resulted in me becoming bitter and bitter.

Then, TT made me even more discouraged – everything seemed pale and burdensome. China was so vastly different from anything I have ever experienced before. I did not have any pre-formed opinions or ideas about the place. It was blank as a white paper that was yet to be filled with the story.
China taught me to be patient and embrace the unknown, without trying to understand everything around me. It gave me new eyes to see beauty in tough, rough surroundings – to see history, personal stories, and beauty in the ugly. It gave me a new appreciation of my own country. I started seeing Lithuania’s beauty in the green fields, rainy days, cloudy skies, old towns, tall people, quietness, respect for personal space and privacy.  I learned to truly cherish the community: my family and friends.

Someone once said that a person is happy not in what he/she possess but what he/she appreciates. Thank you, China, for teaching me to be happy.


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