New Season

Spring is here. Nature is waking up. Some trees and bushes are letting buds and some of them are starting to blossom. This place that has been mostly grey and brown, and as I wrote in one of my emails to Allison ‘slushy and generally aesthetically unappealing’, is changing its face.

My heart is changing too. I start to recognise the beauty in the ugliness, and there is something sad about me leaving this place. Only 7 days left and I start to realise how great it has been to be here. People do care and love me – from randomly giving apples and sharing bubble tea to inviting to numerous dinners. My students are lovely too. They do get loud at times, but all they need is just more attention. And there is time. Time to walk, cycle, think and observe. A lot of people toil and moil throughout the day and cannot really afford such luxury. Life is much more than just work. In the end, all of those material possessions won’t matter anyway.
However, it is easy for me to say this – I do have enough food, a warm place to live and I don’t need to worry about these things. Without the basic necessities, one cannot just ponder around. I guess that’s why Chinese tend to work long and hard, discounting any regulations. The nation has such a recent history of hardships.


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