Last year, just before I left, I was discussing some projects with one of the professors when I told him what I lacked in my that time position which was, simply speaking, challenges and ‘being interesting’. He responded with one comment. It was about uncertainty. He said something like this: ‘you need to know if you are able to handle uncertainty. Most of the people can’t. You can’t have both – security and uncertainty.’

Being in China, I start to understand what that means. Here I never know what might happen. My classes are added/cancelled without much notice. One day something might be planned one way and the next – everything might shift in a completely opposite direction. But even more than just work. Life is unpredictable too. Not in huge ways, but small and subtle and maybe because of that even more provocative. Power shortages, moving to a new place without a notice in advance – just a few examples.

I guess people who choose to go to a drastically different culture, need to possess a certain level of uncertainty toleration. An experience of rapid changes can be either an exciting one or simply  – very frustrating. An ability to ‘let it go’ makes all the difference. Yet, when one can feel good in any circumstances, no matter how the things might turn out, only then one can be free of doing whatever they want/ought to do.

I believe it is similarly true for people in faith. You can only fully live a life of faith if you are fully secure in what you believe that no matter the circumstances – God will be with you. That belief secures you in any storms of life.


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