What I found to be different

I have been making a list of various things I find to be different here. Most of the things on this list are from the first days in China, so might be a little bit straightforward.

1. Siblings question. Asking about siblings most of the time makes no sense. One child policy is not just some past time policy – it is a living reality of China. My age people, at least most of them, grew up without any siblings because of this policy. If someone answers that they have a brother or a sister, don’t be fooled, it is their cousin. They call their good friends or cousins brothers and sisters.

2. Military training. Every academic year, during the first month of school students go through military training that is run by their school sport’s instructor.
3. Women sitting with legs widely spread, especially when squatting by little Asian table. Maybe it’s more comfortable this way?
4. Compliment ‘beautiful’. Every person I meet say – ‘you are beautiful’. My one expat friend said that he also gets this compliment all the time. I don’t know what it means, but apparently it is some sort of courtesy.
5. Frames in an angle. Red posters with Chinese characters and framed pictures at people houses are often in diamond shape.
6. Smoking. Men. A lot. EVERYWHERE!
7. Sounds. It is not a quiet nation. They speak loud and sometimes in high tones.
8.Windows with bug protection.
9. Very cheap public transportation. Usually a bus ride costs 1 or 2 RMB, which is equal to 0.15 -0.3 EUR.

It is not all, but I am going to have dinner, so I’ll add more things later:)


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