2nd electricity outage

Yesterday there was a second electricity outage. I was about to go to sleep but still had a few things to look up for my class the next day when suddenly everything just shut down. The scented candle that I brought back from Korea was first time used for its actual purpose. But as we have this saying in Lithuanian “Nėra to blogo, kas neišeitų į gera”. I spent a night at my colleague’s apartment. It was way warmer at her home than it would have been at my apartment even if the heater was working. Plus she treated me with humongous breakfast.

The apartment that I am staying at is so so poorly done. The walls are really badly insulated, so it is freezing at night.

This past week has been  super cold. The temperature was always in the negatives and because of that most of my classes were cancelled. I had time to rest, read and even draw. (I will put a link to my artwork blog sometime soon). If I knew that it would be a week of rest, I would have made some plans to travel, but I was given the info only about the next day. Oh well! “Nėra to blogo, kas neišeitų į gera”. Bad weather – rest for me:))


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