5 hours of patience or ‘perks’ of the new apartment

A day without surprises is a surprise in China. Now, as I am writing this blog post, I am sitting in a hotel room and eating instant rice noodles from a tea cup. Why?

Let’s go to the beginning, the winter wonderland that I mentioned in the previous post is apparently an unusual phenomenon and this part of China has not seen so much snow at this time of the year in 50 years. Nobody was prepared for this. (It is still snowing now). Even the nature. The leaves have not fallen from the trees. Now they are heavily covered by snow. Yesterday, when I was walking back from the bank, I saw some trees with broken branches because they could not hold the weight of the snow, berries and leaves – all at the same time.

If nature was not prepared, then guess what? The more the people. The traffic almost disappeared. The small restaurants in my neighborhood were closed. All of my classes have been cancelled. The snow slowed down the daily life of Yanzhou people.

Not everything stopped – my bank was working, shops were open. Today I headed to the school for my afternoon class (before I learned that the student cancelled it) just to find the doors locked. It was not just ‘yay – no class – free time!’, it was the second day of ‘snow day’ for me and I was ready to have that class; but of course it was not a tragedy. Then, I went to the shop on the corner to buy some treats for the afternoon that I decided to dedicate for crafts and maybe writing a personal statement. When I got back, my apartment felt sort of similar to the outside and then I noticed that the electricity was gone. As was the water and the internet. Fun times! NOT. Especially if your heater and hot plate, and rice cooker can only work supplied by electricity. Oh, and my computer can only work by being plugged in the outlet too. After five hours of phone calls, texting, doing nothing, running around (to not get cold), looking at the snow, thinking of Lithuanian songs, watching how it got dark, a friend of my boss came over and dropped me off at the hotel.

Last summer we were praying with friends for various things. One of the things I asked was patience. And God poured buckets of it. Sort of ‘ not enough – well, just wait and you will see’. Be careful what you are praying for;)


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