Fighting Air Pollution

Yesterday, at noon, my air-purifier has arrived. Yay! I think this is the best investment I have made so far, and I will soon explain you why. The air pollution in China requires a separate post.

But before that I would like to tell a little bit about the company that is making these air-purifiers. It is called “Smart Air”. I am so glad I did not came to China earlier because this company was established just 2 years ago, in 2013. Their story is simple, yet inspiring. A smart guy, named Thomas, who lived in Beijing, wanted to figure out why air-purifiers are so expensive and he found a solution – a DIY version. Other people became interested in his findings and the company was founded.


Just a filter, taken from the fan, after 9 hours of usage.

This morning when I woke up, I could really feel that the air quality did become better. Later I looked at the filter and it made me very concerned. The color where the fan was changed from white to gray. What am I breathing?

Here is “Smart Air” webpage:
smart air smart


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