Good things take time

In China many things are made to appear good but one has to be super cautious about the quality of them. In Lithuania we have a saying ‘made in China – mesk į šiukšlyną’, which means ‘if made in China – you can dump it straight away’. Now I can see where it is coming from.

This morning I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my hands and surprise surprise  – no water. I don’t know yet what have happened but I will just add here that I live in a newly finished apartment. I moved in once it was just finished. (I could even smell the paint).

And this is just one of the many my new apartment ‘goodies’.

Another example of how hastened and how poorly the apartment is made is my bathroom. The lower half of my bathroom is tiles and the upper half is painted. Everything sounds like in a normal bathroom, except that the paint is not water proof. (I believe the cheapest one). The paint by the shower is starting to take off. (I have been living here just for two weeks or so). What was the point in painting it anyway?

Then, the other day it was raining heavily, and again ‘surprise surprise’: the water started leaking from the roof. It was not anything major, but still I had to put a bucket underneath it. Needless to say, it damaged one of the movable tiles on the ceiling.

That’s just one example of how things are done in China. All of this hastiness, poor quality, but ‘appear from first sight as if OK’, goes into all of the spheres in this society.

Recently I read one expat’s blog about his experience at a Chinese hospital. There he also commented on China’s traffic situation. I cannot not to share it. It is so well put and just plainly accurate. So this is what he wrote: “I was later to learn that zebra crossings, road surface markings, traffic lights and many other things were also simply decorative. These are the things that a developing country arms itself with to appear developed – the trappings of a modern society.”

There is an episode in “Mulan” when she is crossing the street carrying her grasshopper. The grasshopper is about to die from a heart-attack. All kinds of vehicles are passing in whatever manner. Well, the modern day China does not differ much from that. It has more signs now, and probably it is a little bit less organized but still more in appearance than in reality.

Quality is not created overnight and it cannot be. It is expensive and cost if not money -then time, effort, patience…You cannot build a magnificent temple that will last for generations in two days as well as you cannot have a deep relationship with someone spending just a day with him/her. It is impossible to have an advanced country in just 2-3 decades of growth.
This is what I start understanding while being here – quality matters and quality is expensive.


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