Missing home

This morning I woke up after a dream that I was back at LCC and we did something together with Kristen. There was Ella too. And Alicia for a moment. In another dream I was at home.
I truly miss home and having community. I miss LCC community a lot. I knew this when I left LCC. Yet, knowing doesn’t make it easier to be ‘in the world’. For the very first time, after seven months an idea that maybe I made a mistake by leaving LCC, crept into my mind. Yet, when I look back – I do understand that it was time to move on in life.

Yesterday was a very exhausting day – too many classes – too many students.

On days like this I start to count days until I will be back. I still have 126 days left in China and probably 124 days of teaching.

When I look now at these numbers – it really does not look that much. It is only enough time to taste China’s life, get a little grasp of it and to improve my teaching/communication. and to wonder what is next.


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