God is Provider

Earlier this year, I learned that God is a Rescuer. He rescued me from the environment that was harmful and toxic. I did not have eyes to see or the will power to change, but He found a way and worked through His people, and is still working.

Now I am learning that God is Provider. Two weeks ago I visited South Korea. It was not just a self-indulging trip for fun, I had to leave China to change my visa and Seoul happened to be the closest option.

I don’t know how to describe it. I can only say that His love is unfailing love. He put me in the place of His people who showered me with so much love. When I went to Seoul I found out that 6 friends of mine are currently living there. They all found time in their busy schedules to see me..and so much more. They found me a place to stay, they always took care that I would be fed – taking to dinners, buying food; they showed me around, planned my time, asked, listened, talked, CARED!!! To say ‘thank you’ for all of this is pitiful, but there is nothing more I can do. I am so thankful to You, God, for loving. I am so thankful for you, friends, for being.
God please open my heart, change it if needed, so that I too, could be a blessing to people around me.

I keep thinking of what I should be doing next. I don’t have a plan, but being in Korea I saw a vision of a life I would like to aim for. Just when I landed in Incheon airport Igor came and met me. He took me to his and Elena’s church. Oh goodness, how much I miss such community! Such loving and God driven people. I want to be in a place where I could have a community, a community that loves God.

I don’t know what will happen next in life. I don’t have a plan and it is scary but I know that God has one and I know that it will be a way better plan than my own.


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