the weather

Today was a lovely day! It was the coldest day throughout all 7 days that I spent here and I finally did not feel like ‘OMG this is so hot here’. It was around 25C plus some wind. Who could have thought that it will be such a tropical place? When I asked Hanna, what’s the weather like in Yanzhou – she said that it was the same as in Lithuania in spring. I googled the place before coming but it did not say much. I looked at Beijing weather and, yes, it said 28 -29 C, but Wiki wrote that in winter you need gloves. So I packed my suitcase full of sweaters, thick jeans, thick winterish-fallish skirts and boots…and here I come. Every day, except today, 28 – 29C, not really a weather you want to wear your boots on.

Besides the lack of appropriate clothing, it is great! It is lovely to walk outside and feel the warmth of the sun and the wind. It is amazing to run and not need to worry if I will catch a cold because of not being used to the cold weather.

Another thing – it rarely rains and barely snows here. What a difference with Klaipeda!!! My 2015 will finish like a completely different year I’ve ever lived.


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