Fruits and explorations

OK, I will confess – I did not ask Alina how those dishes are called. I should stop making false promises. (I never remember what I promise on blogs).

Alina is a fantastic girl who knows how to host, how to befriend and how to understand a foreign person in this ancient land. But she is also a busy bee with her 2 year-old and a husband waiting for her at home. As much as I would love to spend more time with her – I understand – family comes first. And maybe it is good. It forces me to be more open and outgoing, and opens opportunities to get to know other people even if they speak worse (or no) English.

Day no. 5 was good, but different. I was exhausted after the dinner last night and felt pretty sleepy the whole morning. In the afternoon, I met my new one on one student and it was just so refreshing – to be able to speak more sentences than just “where is…” “what is your fave…”. I think he will be my new friend this half-year!

An awesome thing here is fruits – fruits are so so so delicious. I have never eaten a pomegranate picked right there from the tree. One of my colleagues brought one a few days ago. And it was GOOD. Today another colleague brought sunflower head and OMG…it was just sooooooooooo good. and a tangerine. So flavorful!

I finished early today but I did not make any plans for the evening so I felt lonely back home. (Today is the Moon festival – one of the BIG festivals in China.) After a few minutes of self-pitying I realized there is no point in feeding into this ill-feeling, so I went out and explored the town. It was fun, just a little bit uncomfortable – I am not used to being an obvious minority. Then I got back and educated myself on China’s history. This country is superb! I need to find a good book on China’s culture and history!


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