Day no. 4 (just an ordinary post about ordinary things)

The whole day was pretty chill. I just met my students from grade 3 and 4. We played some games. Then later, I had tons of time in the office for just waiting waiting and waiting. I started reading Jack London ‘White Fang’. I have read this book in Lithuanian when I was maybe 12 or so., but I don’t remember anything and plus reading in the original language is not the same.

Accomplishment of today: I learned how to use Chinese hot plate. My roommate was at home and I managed to act out what I needed so she showed me:)) She does not speak any English, nor do I any Chinese.

And then the evening came. My boss invited me for dinner and I thought it will be sort of get-to-know-you dinner…but  oh no no no.. how I was wrong. It was a business dinner. One family invited the school staff and me to see if I could teach their beloved one and only daughter English language for her ventures to the U.S.A. It was such a fun dinner. The girl is lovely! I think we will be great friends! Chinese are such hospitable people. Her family already invited me to travel with them. Going back to dinner – it was superb! I loved egg plant, pumpkin and their porridge! Deliciousness!!!
I will ask Alina tomorrow how it is called.


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